This way you can win free gems in Brawl Stars, step by step guide

Brawl Stars is an exciting mobile game that has gained immense popularity worldwide. It offers various in-game resources, including gems, which play a crucial role in unlocking new characters, skins, and other valuable items. While gems can be purchased using real money, there are also several ways to earn them for free within the game. In this step-by-step guide, we will explore different methods to win free gems in Brawl Stars.

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What are Gems?

Gems are a premium currency in Brawl Stars that can be used to speed up processes, buy exclusive items, unlock Brawl Boxes, and more. They are highly valuable and sought after by players as they provide significant advantages in the game.

This way you can win free gems in Brawl Stars

While I understand that players are always looking for ways to earn free gems in games like Brawl Stars, it's important to note that using hacks or cheats to obtain free gems is against the terms of service of the game. Engaging in such activities can result in penalties or even a ban from the game. However, I can provide you with legitimate methods to earn gems through gameplay. Here's a step-by-step guide:

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  • Play and Progress: By playing the game regularly, you can earn gems as you progress through different stages and unlock rewards. Gems are often given as rewards for completing achievements, reaching certain milestones, or participating in special events.
  • Brawl Pass: Consider purchasing the Brawl Pass, which is a premium feature available for a certain duration. The Brawl Pass provides additional rewards and exclusive challenges, including gems. By completing these challenges, you can earn free gems.
  • Special Events: Keep an eye out for special events or limited-time game modes that offer gem rewards. Participating in these events and performing well can grant you additional gems.
  • Trophy Road: Focus on climbing the Trophy Road ladder by winning matches. As you reach higher trophy counts, you'll unlock various rewards, including gems.
  • In-App Purchases: While this isn't a free method, you can choose to purchase gems directly from the in-game store using real money. This supports the developers and provides you with a guaranteed way to obtain gems.

Remember, it's important to enjoy the game and play fair. Using unauthorized methods to acquire free gems can result in negative consequences and harm the overall gaming experience for yourself and others.

  • Importance

Gems hold great importance in Brawl Stars as they allow players to gain access to exclusive content that enhances their gameplay experience. With gems, players can unlock powerful Brawlers, purchase skins, and even participate in special events.

  • Uses

Gems can be used for various purposes, including:

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  • Buying Brawl Boxes: Gems can be used to purchase Brawl Boxes, which contain valuable items like new Brawlers, Power Points, and Coins.
  • Unlocking Skins: Players can use gems to unlock unique skins for their favorite Brawlers, adding a personal touch to their gameplay.
  • Speeding up Processes: Gems can be utilized to speed up the opening of Brawl Boxes, instantly unlocking new rewards.

How to Earn Gems

Now that we understand the significance of gems, let's explore different methods to earn them for free in Brawl Stars.

  • Daily Rewards

Brawl Stars provides daily rewards to players, and gems are often included as part of these rewards. By logging in to the game every day, players have a chance to earn gems and other valuable resources.

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  • Achievements

Completing various achievements in Brawl Stars can also reward players with gems. These achievements are based on different objectives, such as winning a certain number of matches, reaching specific trophy milestones, or unlocking particular Brawlers.

  • Events

Participating in special events organized within Brawl Stars can be a lucrative way to earn gems. Events like Gem Grab, Brawl Ball, and Showdown offer the opportunity to win gems as rewards for performing well.

how can i win free gems in brawl stars
  • Participate in Clubs

Joining a club in Brawl Stars opens up additional avenues to earn gems.

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  • Club Wars

Clubs can participate in Club Wars, which are competitive battles between different clubs. Winning Club Wars can reward players with gems, along with other valuable prizes.

  • Club Events

Clubs also organize events where members can earn gems by achieving specific goals collectively. These events foster teamwork and provide a chance to accumulate gems.

  • Join Tournaments

Brawl Stars community often hosts tournaments where players can compete against each other. These tournaments may offer gems as prizes to the top-performing players. Participating in such tournaments can be both rewarding and challenging.

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  • Completing Quests

Brawl Stars introduces quests that players can complete to earn gems and other rewards. These quests typically involve specific gameplay objectives, encouraging players to explore different game modes and strategies.

  • Watch Advertisements

Brawl Stars provides the option to watch short advertisements within the game. By watching these ads, players can earn free gems as a reward. This method requires minimal effort and can be an easy way to accumulate gems over time.

  • Social Media Giveaways

Brawl Stars occasionally runs giveaways on its official social media channels, offering players a chance to win free gems. It is recommended to follow their official accounts and participate in these giveaways for a shot at earning gems without spending any money.

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In general

Winning free gems in Brawl Stars is not only possible but also an exciting way to enhance your gameplay experience. By utilizing the methods mentioned above, such as participating in events, completing quests, and joining clubs, players can accumulate gems and unlock valuable content within the game. Remember to take advantage of daily rewards, watch advertisements, and keep an eye out for social media giveaways. So, gear up and start your journey to gather gems in Brawl Stars today!

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